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Our Approach

We fund grassroots nonprofit organizations that otherwise would have difficulty obtaining financial support.  Our primary area of focus is afterschool and supplemental education programs.  Since our inception in 1998, we have helped numerous programs grow and became self-sustaining, so that they can continue to provide Chicago public school students with educational and out-of-school activities that are so critical to personal growth and success.


In addition to contributing their own funds, Springboard members go on site visits to meet nonprofit leaders and see their programs in action. During the year, they maintain contact with these organizations and marshall all of the resources at their disposal--time, treasure, knowledge and network-- to ensure they grow into sustainable organizations. Springboard provides a way for donors to contribute, with confidence that their money is being well spent where it is most needed. Our goal is that, with Springboard's assistance, these organizations will eventually become stable and self-sustaining, and reach the point where Springboard's involvement is no longer necessary.  With each success we achieve in this way we move on to support a new organization, bringing the same philosophy.