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Our Donors

In addition to the contributions of our active and sustaining members, The Springboard Foundation has received donations from corporations and other businesses, private foundations and other philanthropic organizations, as well as from families and individuals at all levels.  We gratefully acknowledge this generous support.

2018-2019 Donors

Hall Adams, Jr.

Hall Adams III 

Aldine Capital Partners

Ben Andrew

Douglas Armstrong

George Atkinson

Baird Foundation

Jason Barsema

Prue Beidler

Julie Bessent

Chandler Bigelow

C. Bradley Bissell

William Blair Foundation

Center Street Foundation

David Chandler

Rob Chesney

Timothy Dolan

The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Trust

Mark Ferguson

Andrew Flynn

Mark and Cindy Fuller, III

James Glasser

John Henderson

Tony Hoban

Roger Hochschild

Art Howe

Scott Hunken

Jim Johnson

Paul Johnson

Steve Kaiser

Ken Kennedy

Chip Kenyon

Keith Kizziah

Martin Laird Koldyke

Lawrence J. Krueger Revocable Trust

Albert and Rita Lacher

William W. & Pamela C. Lane Foundation

Stuart Larkins

Bruce Lee

Josh Lesnik

David Mabie

Douglas Mabie

Jim and Kay Mabie

John and Martha Mabie

Ernest MacVicar

Eric Maddix

Newt Marshall

Rob Mathias

Kenneth McAtamney

Charles McCaleb

Dave McCoy

David McGranahan

Corey Minturn

Eric Mongentale

Frank Moroni

Jeff Moster

Terry O'Bryan

Mike Ochsenhirt

John and Alexandra Nichols Foundation

William Patterson

Perkins Malo Hunter Foundation

John Peterson

Prairie Management & Development

John R. and Mary M. Raitt

Mike Revord

Daria Rickett

Rob Rickett

Thomas Seftenberg

Sejal Shah-Myers

Douglas Sharfstein

Jonathan and Karen Skinner

Allen Smith

Solberg Manufacturing

Tor Solberg

Susan R. and John W. Sullivan Foundation

Paul Svoboda

West Monroe Partners

Keith Yavitt